Corona and the Chemtrails

According to an internal paper of the Federal Government available to the editors, the coronavirus is indeed an artificially produced virus! Nor was it accidentally released, but circulated. The starting point of China is only a diversionary manoeuvre in order to disguise the actual intention in front of the world’s population.

The Big Brother is planning to upgrade the devices for spraying the chemtrails. Currently, these can only release chemicals and are now to be converted in such a way that nanoprobes can also be distributed in the atmosphere. In the future, the supposed condensate strips will also dissolve more quickly, so that they do not stand out in this way.

In order to realize this, a technical change on the aircraft is required. This is the easiest way to do this if all aircraft are decommissioned for one week. Getting an aircraft back into service is expensive and takes several days. The Big Brother has plenty of time to make the conversion.

The nanoprobes developed by Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google must be absorbed through the airways and anchored in the nervous system. They can then only be activated via a special catalyst, which is administered around the coming compulsory vaccination.

Thus, the complete control of humanity succeeds in a relatively short time.