Windows 10 Virus

Well-known antivirus software vendor classifies Windows 10 as malware and provides an update. Other manufacturers are expected to follow soon. Microsoft responded immediately and announced the Post Fall Creators Update. According to Microsoft, the installation is very simple: “The device just needs to be close to the Internet!” a Microsoft spokesperson said. It is guaranteed that all Microsoft products will work without any problems afterwards. We’ll see everything else!


Opening date for the BER

According to TF, the information is really available for the opening of the BER!

The following things will happen soon:

  1. In 2020, a Santa Claus really comes.
  2. Donald Trump releases his tax return.
  3. The AFD is making serious, sensible and human-friendly policies.
  4. In North Korea, a new president is democratically elected.
  5. The British agree with the EU.
  6. World peace is being introduced.


Environmentally friendly packaging

In the context of plastic waste, the term “environmentally friendly packaged” is obviously a question of perspective. The tested product is dishwasher tabs from Austria, which are labelled with various eco-labels on the packaging and have won the first place in a product test of a major German daily newspaper.

The tabs are individually packed in a special plastic that should dissolve in the dishwasher without any residue. What (microplastics?) is not known in! The tabs are repackaged in a cardboard box. However, so that the tabs do not dissolve in advance, they are additionally packed in a normal plastic bag. Conventional tabs are usually only individually packed in plastic. So where is the environmental added value here?

You don’t even have to assume that it’s all about the advertising “plastic is nasty hype”.